Holden Repair Manual

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About the HQ Holden

The Holden HQ was General Motors Holden the most significant change to date. It included completely new bodies, chassis, suspension, brakes and interior. The only components not changed were the engines, transmissions and differentials, although the six cylinder engines were increased in size.

The 161 cubic inch 6 cylinder engine was bored out to 173 cubic inches, while the 186 cubic inch engine was increased in stroke to 202 cubic inches. The Australian 253 V8 and 308 V8 remained the same, being modified slightly to suit the new chassis. The Chevrolet 350 V8 was also retained having a modified sump to suit the new chassis.

The three speed all synchro manual gearbox was retained along with the Tri-matic Automatic although an electric kick down was added. An Australian fore speed manual gearbox based on the three speed manual was added and a Muncie four speed gearbox and Turbo-Hydromatic Automatic were added to mate up to the 350 V8 Chevrolet engine.

The Holden HQ had the most Australian design input of any Holden to date. The range also had the largest selection of body variations and model variations, many special edition limited run models. The Limited Editions included the SS V8, 25th Anniversary Premier, Vacationer Sedan and Wagons and Sandman Panel Vans and Utility. The basic model range consisted of the base model Belmont, Kingswood and Premier. The Brougham was replaced with the Statesman which came in two models, the Statesman and upmarket Statesman De Ville. The Monaro two door was available in three different levels of equipment, the LS version which was a six cylinder with options of any V8 engine, the GTS which had the 253 V8 engine standard and the GTS350 which came with the Chevrolet 350 V8.

The SS V8 was the first of the Limited Edition models to be released. It was first shown at the Sydney Motor Show in August 1972. Based on the Belmont Sedan, it was built as a sports sedan with 253 V8 engine and 4 speed manual gearbox. Available in only three colours, Red, Violet and Lime Green, the SS V8 was a sell-out success paving the way for Holden to later release the Monaro Four Door Sedan.

The Holden HQ was to become Holden’s most successful model so far with 485,650 units being sold from July 1971 to October 1974.

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