Holden Repair Manual

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August 2000 to September 2002
Total production – 211,909

About the VX Holden Commodore

The VX series Commodore was announced during August 2000. Public unveiling in dealers showrooms was delayed until after the closing ceremony of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games in early October. The VX was a minor facelift of the VT series featuring changes to front and rear bumper fascia, grille and headlight styling. Berlina and Calais models had a different headlight and grille treatment for VX, differentiating them from lesser models. All variants, except the Berlina and Calais, had the teardrop shaped headlight lenses, dipping into the front bumper fascia. All sedans, except the Berlina and Calais, had a body coloured boot lid garnish panel and small, separate cat’s eye shaped reflectors mounted in the rear bumper fascia. Berlina and Calais continued with re-designed red plastic boot garnish panel incorporating stop/ tail and reversing light lenses.

In many ways, the VX series looked markedly different to the VT- a triumph for Holden stylists, given that all body sheetmetal remained unchanged. The VX model line-up was the same as the VT with the Executive, Acclaim, S, SS, Berlina and Calais sedans, as well as the Executive, Acclaim and Berlina wagons. The luxury long wheelbase Statesman and Caprice models were now encompassed in the concurrent WH series model line. The soon-to-be-released utility models were designated with their own VU model series code.

The standard equipment list for all models was increased with ABS brakes, in-dash AM/FM/CD player and steering wheel mounted audio remote control buttons, standardised across the model range. A boot mounted 10-stack CD player was still fitted to the Calais. Front and rear power windows and traction control were standard for all models except the Executive. Engine and drivetrain line-up was similar to the VT series. Thesupercharged V6 engine was available for all sedans except the SS, while still standard equipment for Calais. Power output was revised for the regular V6 and Gen 3 V8 engines. The venerable V6 was increased from 147 to 152kW. The 5.7-litre V8 engine gained 5kW (225kW in standard form and 255kW for HSV models). The HSV Callaway C4B unit remained at 300kW.

The VX Series II upgrade was released in August 2001. It was announced at the same time as Series II versions of WH Statesman and Caprice and VU utility range. The most notable VX II upgrade was adding Control-Link arms to the IRS system. These kept the rear end more precisely on track over bumps during hard acceleration/deceleration and braking. Revisions to rear wheel alignment specifications were also made. Many otherchanges were made to powertrain availability and interior trim for Series II.

VX limited edition versions included the Equipe sedans and wagons (Series I and II), Lumina sedans and wagons (Series I and II) and the Calais International sedan in early 2001. Lumina sedans were also available in HBD form.

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