Holden Repair Manual

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The ‘New Generation Holden’ was launched in January 1968. Longer and wider than any previous models, the new Holden HK was now available with a V8 engine option. Other big changes included a larger range of optional accessories including air conditioning, power disc front brakes, power steering, power windows, front bucket seats on all models and extra instrumentation.

The Holden HK series came with new model names. The standard models became the Belmont, the Special models, were named Kingswood, Premier remained and a top of the line luxury model was introduced, the Brougham.

However, the truly big news was released in July 1968 when General Motors Holden introduced the now famous two door Monaro. The Monaro was available as a basic model with 6 cylinder engine and three speed column shift manual gearbox through to the awesome Monaro GTS 327 V8. This was fitted with the world famous Chevrolet 327 V8 engine and Saginaw four speed manual transmission, fully imported from USA.

The Monaro GTS 327 V8 won the famous Bathurst 500 race in 1968.

May 1969 saw the introduction of the Holden HT series. This was a face lift on the HK series. Featuring a new grille, revised taillights and some minor body changes, the HT was also advertised as having more than 65 major improvements on the HK series. The Holden Monaro GTS 327 was now upgraded to the Monaro GTS 350 with the Chevrolet 350 V8 engine. The Bathurst 500 in 1969 was again won by Holden with the Monaro GTS 350 driven by Colin Bond and Tony Roberts.

In July 1970 Holden introduced another face lift model, the Holden HG series. The main feature of the new HG series was the new three speed Tri-matic Automatic transmission. This replaced the aging two speed Powerglide model.

From the introduction of the Holden HK in January 1968 to the end of production of the Holden HG in June 1971, Holden produced 538,228 units.

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