Holden Repair Manual

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General Motors Holden described the new Holden HJ as a major refinement of the Holden HQ. With the chassis remaining the same length, new front sheet metal and grille increased the new models overall length. The taillights on the sedan models were now mounted in the body rather than in the rear bumper. The Monaro Coupe retained the HQ rear bumper and taillights.

The base Monaro was deleted from the range along with the Monaro GTS 350 and the basic Statesman. The 350 engine was dropped from the range. All other engines remained but the naming designation was changed to the metric system. This meant the 173 became the 2850, 202 became the 3300, 253 V8, the 4.2 and 308 V8 became the 5.0.

The HJ range had 3 limited edition models during its 21 month life. These limited editions were the Kingswood Deluxe, available in sedan or station wagon, Vacationer 2, again available in sedan and station wagon and the Big Country Utility. The Deluxe model included front bucket seats, full carpeting and AM Radio. The Station Wagon was also fitted with a chrome roof rack.

The Vacationer 2 was similarly equipped but came with a two tone exclusive paint finish. This model was released late in 1975 to co-inside with the holiday period. The Big Country ute was a limited edition based on the entry level ute. The package included the 3300 engine and 3 speed all syncho gearbox, power front disc brakes, side mouldings, tonneau cover and tinted laminated windscreen.

Up until now, all Holdens were fitted with a five digit odometer meaning that ever 100,000 kilometers the odometer returned to zero. At some stage during the life of the HJ range, the odometer was changed to a six digit readout, which meant the car had to travel 999,999 kilometers before returning to zero.

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