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Australia’s first mass produced car, the Holden 48/215 (FX) was launched on the 29th November 1948. The Holden was originally offered in one body style, a 4 door sedan known as the 48/215. About two and a half years later in January 1951, the Utility model was launched. This was known as the 50/2106 model.

The original sedan was offered in four different exterior colours, Black, Gawler Cream, Seine Blue and Convoy Grey. Interior trim was either Grey woollen Bedford cloth or red leather.

When released, the cost of the new Holden 48/215 was £734 ($1469). The Utility was priced at £843 ($1686). From November 1948 to October 1953, there were 120,402 Holden’s manufactured.

General Motors Holden officially called the models the 48/215 (Sedan) and the 50/2106 (Utility), however, they were commonly known by the public and motor trade as the Holden FX. It is rumoured this designation came about in the mid 1950’s from Melbourne used car dealers wanting to differentiate the early cars from the later FJ Series.

In October 1953 Holden released the face lifted FJ Series. The FJ Series was easily identified from its predecessor by the bold chrome bar grille and torpedo styled tail lights. Along with the normal sedan model and the utility model, Holden introduced the Special Sedan, an upmarket variation. This had as extra equipment, deluxe leather seats, front door arm rests, rear passenger assist straps, cigarette lighter plus a few other minor embellishments. On the exterior, there was extra chrome work around the windows and small chrome fins on the rear guards. This model was also available in a two tone colour scheme

Two months after the release of the FJ Sedan and Utility, Holden introduced the Panel Van. This was basically a Utility with an extended roof line and upper and lower tailgates at the rear. A Station Wagon version reached prototype stage before being shelved.

By 1954, Holden were producing 250 vehicles a day. On the 12th December 1955 the 250,000th Holden, an FJ sedan was produced.

Source: Heart of the Lion – The 50 Year History of Australia’s Holden by John Wright  60 Years of Holden by Terry Beddington

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