Holden Repair Manual

About the EH Holden

In August, 1963, the Holden EH Holden took over from the short lived EJ model, that it replaced only 13 months after it’s release. All up total production of the Holden EJ was 154,811 units.

Body wise, the EH was an update on the previous EJ model with many panels remaining the same. The main differences being different tail lights and a new roof line featuring a large C pillar.

The major change was the power plant. The new engine, known as the ‘Red Motor’, simply because it was painted red, was a 6 cylinder engine in two different displacement sizes. The standard motor was 149 cubic inches and the larger optional engine was 179 cubic inches. This engine was standard with the Holden Premier models.

Holden built a factory ‘Hot Rod’ version of the EH, known as the S4 so it was eligible for Production car racing, especially the 1963 Bathurst 500. One hundred and twenty S4’s were made. They came standard with the 179 engine, an upgraded three speed manual transmission, larger clutch and larger diameter tail shaft. They also had a vacuum brake booster, metal brake linings and a large 12 gallon fuel tank.

The Holden EH was the most successful Holden so far with 256.959 vehicles made between August 1963 and February 1965.